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Apple Pop is a super relaxing, super satisfying Puzzle Popper with powerups, beautiful scenery and major combo's for literally anyone to play to pass the time or to let off some stress. Apple Pop is Inspired by the great ''Peggle'' Games.

Apple Pop
Release date:
17 Aug, 2019
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  • RAZOR broke the DRM protection of this game on 25 Jun, 2021.

About this game

[h1]Looking for a game to play while you are deciding what to play? or to just relax while watching a good series. Here you go![/h1]
Apple Pop takes an interesting twist on the Genre Combing two great mechanics from Peggle and Brick breaker resulting in an absolute beautiful and Unique experience which anyone and their gran-ma can play.

The game uses a tweaked physics system to make sure everything happens as it should while you are getting those super combo breakers!

The game has 45 levels each with a pass grade and a golden pass grade for those who want a challenge!

There are plenty power-ups in the game such as that will change how each level turns out, each power-up when collected changes your next shot dramatically.

Apple Pop aims to be a super relaxing, and at times challenging beautiful game for literally anyone to play to pass the time or to let off some stress.

Note: If you are the owner of ''Fruit Pop 1 or 2'' You will have no need to purchase Apple Pop!. Thanks

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