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Canyon Shooter crack

A super classic aerial metal warhead mini game. As a special soldier in the game, you are ready to fight the enemy in the air. Let's act together!

Release date:
18 May, 2021
Canyon Shooter
Canyon Shooter
21 May, 2021
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  • DARKZER0 broke the DRM protection of this game on 19 May, 2021.

About this game

Introduction: This is a very good series of shooting challenge games for Metal Slug. I believe that all friends are familiar with Metal Slug. In the game, the aerial metal warhead takes place on the battlefield in a canyon battle, shooting super explosive and refreshing. The special forces have been fighting in the air to eliminate the source of the cyclone and reach the ground safely. What are the friends waiting for? Come and experience the thrill of fierce battle!
Integrate the graphics and styles of the classic Metal Slug game, innovative gameplay, rich levels and modes, and a variety of careers to choose from.
The delicate game graphics, rich action special effects, shocking game sound effects and beautiful background music will bring game players visual and auditory enjoyment. Cool locomotives, air support, forged equipment, bursting combat power, all kinds of gameplay instantly burst the audience!

1. The single player game "Metal Slug in the Air" combines the graphics and style of the classic "Metal Slug" game.
2. Innovative gameplay, with rich levels and modes, and various occupations for you to choose from.
3. Cool locomotives, air support, forged equipment, explosive combat power, and various gameplays immediately refresh the audience!
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The "WASD" key of the keyboard controls the movement of the character, the mouse controls aiming and shooting, the QE key changes weapons, the R key switches the map, and the P key pauses the game.

How to start
After loading the game, click "Play"-then select the character, click "OK", then click anywhere on the screen to start the game

Game goal
Control your character to avoid attacks, destroy the enemy and finally reach the destination!

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