I.O.R.C Impact Orbital Rescue Crew Crack Status

I.O.R.C  Impact Orbital Rescue Crew crack

A 2.5D arcade flight game, in which you take the roll of a rookie pilot flying a unique rescue aircraft to render dangerous falling space debris safe. Fly through 20 levels including 4 boss stages, and save the world!

I.O.R.C Impact Orbital Rescue Crew
Release date:
7 Jun, 2021
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  • DARKSIDERS broke the DRM protection of this game on 07 Jun, 2021.

About this game

High above Earth, some time in the future, a battle rages above between the brave men and women of the Earth Navy, and the powerful robot ships of the Drone fleet. As the battle goes on, broken ships and space debris begin to fall to Earth, a terrible danger to those below.

This, is where YOU come in! As a member of the Impact Orbital Rescue Crew, you'll pilot the Meteor-buster rescue aircraft in attempt to bring that debris down safely before it crashes into the city below!

In this single-player, 2.5D arcade flight game, you will:

Fly, shoot and dodge through 20 action filled levels, including 4 boss stages against massive debris!

Deal with dangerous hazards, from flaming debris to surging electricity and even some debris that fights back!

Use your ship's unique parachute launcher, powerful precision rail-gun and high pressure water cannon to render lethal space debris safe!

Experience the story of rookie pilot Blue!

And, with a little luck, skill, and bravery, Save the Earth!

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