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The Shape On The Ground (Steam Edition) crack

This software is not a game. A cross between a walking sim and a tarot card reading, TSOTG asks you to find 12 evocative dioramas and answer a single question : What do you see? Answer instinctively and receive one of five different endings and a final reading meant to stimulate self-reflection.

The Shape On The Ground (Steam Edition)
Release date:
15 Jun, 2021
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  • DARKSIDERS broke the DRM protection of this game on 15 Jun, 2021.

About this game

WARNING : This software contains imagery that could evoke sensitive subject matter in some users. Such subject matter include Grief, Death, Self-Harm and Suicide Ideation.
The Shape On The Ground is not a game, in the conventional sense. It is a short horror-themed first-person walking simulator experience which can be completed in 20 minutes.

Consider it as a tarot reading : both a divination and self-reflection tool. A moment in time for yourself, a magick circle, to freely explore your inner world. Walk around a desolate town in search of the 12 dioramas where you will be asked a question.

Answer truthfully, with the answer that best corresponds with how you are feeling. There is no right or wrong answer. Then you will be shown an ending and given a personalized reading based on your answers.

  • Five different endings : based on the answers the player has provided
  • Horror-Themed atmosphere : explore a miniature cardboard town inspired by the works of the Brothers Quay
  • Low risk gameplay : no enemies putting the player in danger, just a tense and heavy atmosphere
  • A personal space of introspection : This software is meant to be revisited from time to time, to help identify the changes within the player

Similar to a director's cut, this version of The Shape On The Ground contains new material never seen in earlier versions.
  • Two entirely new dioramas, adding more symbolism and mystery to the environment
  • Two new small areas to explore, where the new dioramas are located : the park and the sewer system
  • Quality Of Life improvements such as clearer tutorials and removal of some confusing meta-narrative elements

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