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古代人生 Ancient Life crack

Ancient Life is a game that simulates the life of ancient people. The game contains various events that may have occurred in ancient times. Players can choose to farm, be an official, craftsman, be a hunter, be a merchant, and have different occupations.

古代人生 Ancient Life
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12 Jul, 2021
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  • No warez group has broken the DRM of this game.

About this game

Ancient Life is a game that simulates the life of the ancient China .
Players can quickly go through the life of the ancients, or play slowly and carefully, so as to understand what happened in the life of the ancients and who they met.
The game provides various functions such as hospitals, gambling shops, cricket catching, brothels, and inns.
There are thousands of random events to ensure that the experience of each life is unique.
Players will be randomly assigned to female or male at birth. In ancient times, the difference between the lives of females and males was very big, and this is also evident in the game.
When a person's life ends, the game has just begun. Players can choose to continue their children's lives. The children will inherit the property of the previous generation, and the family will not dissipate because of the survival of a person.

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