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Asteroid Impact Survival crack

Are you ready for the apocalypse? Gather supplies, prepare your shelter and try to survive when the world you know is falling into pieces.

Asteroid Impact Survival
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About this game

Asteroid Impact is a simulation game where you have to prepare yourself for the end of the world. With your own hands, you must get resources and build a shelter that can withstand a world-shattering crash.

You may be the only survivor.

A huge asteroid is approaching Earth. You have only 30 days to prepare yourself for the apocalypse. You have to be fully prepared before living on the planet becomes a nightmare.

There’s no stores, no other people who could help you. You must earn supplies yourself hunting in the woods and collecting edible plants and mushrooms available nearby.

Use what you can to build a bunker that will survive an asteroid attack. The more resistant it gets, the longer you’ll be able to survive.

Your bunker is your new home now. Stay alert and take care of it -- it’s the only safe space which separates you from the dangerous environment outside. Repair and arrange your shelter so that it protects you and is as cozy as possible in these difficult, rough times.

  • Dig, get materials and build your own shelter
  • Harvest and hunt to collect your food supplies
  • Repair and arrange your bunker in most sufficient and comfortable way
  • Prepare for the apocalypse in 30 days

Your life is in your own hands.

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