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Build Em' Faster crack

Build Em' Faster is everything about old multiplayer arcade. As it might be seen as a modern party gaming, it is indeed a true revival of both base building and tower defense concepts.

Build Em' Faster
Release date:
7 Jun, 2021
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  • DARKZER0 broke the DRM protection of this game on 08 Jun, 2021.

About this game

Identify the best location for your castle regarding the area specificities, opportunities and weak spots. Then build the perfect defense, balanced between the security of your main towers, the efficiency of your turrets and the convenience for upcoming fixes and upgrades.

Taking into account your available credits, time to impact and reload time or the proximity with your very defense ; carefully select and place your turrets within your castle remaining space.

Bomb the enemy ships and walls, wisely selecting which to destroy and which to keep, generating patterns that will be a nightmare for your enemies to fix.

Rebuild your defenses as fast as possible, keeping in mind that you will need castle towers to earn credits, credits to build turrets and space to place them ! And a poor defense placement can quickly become your doom !

  • Learn all games mechanics through a perfectly balanced campaign.
  • Play versus the computer over dozens of maps in various environments : artic, temperate, desertic...
  • Challenge your friends with up to three players on the same computer !
  • Steal enemies' turrets with landing tracts and propaganda with hot air balloons !
  • Take the in-game editor in your own hands and create an unlimited number of single or multiplayer maps.

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