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CHRONO FACTION takes the customisation and strategy of a traditional CCG and introduces a dynamic battlefield where tactile mechanics and turn-based batling combine. Choose a FACTION, build a COMBAT CASE and take to the streets.

Chrono Faction
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About this game

In the distant future, ruthless factions have seized control of the world's major cities. The time has come to pick a side and take to the streets in an unpredictable journey of survival.

  • STRATEGY MEETS ACTION A fresh take on a classic genre. Dynamic track-based battlefield where tactile mechanics meet turn-based card battling.
  • ENDLESS CHOICE Design your own COMBAT CASE from over 140 CARDS (across 5 categories), 20 GUNS (with stat modifiers) and over 25 CHARMS (each with battle-altering perks).
  • CITY RUN A deep Rougelike single-player mode. Will you survive the elusive SHADOW DISTRICT and conquer the city?
  • CITY WAR A robust multiplayer experience where you'll test your COMBAT CASE against other players from across the globe. Earn XP and level-up to become the city's most wanted.
  • WAYS TO PLAY Casual and competitive multiplayer. Battle online or utilise CHRONO FACTION'S unique design to fight locally.
Dominate the Battle Track by placing attacks that shatter your opponent's. CHRONO FACTION features accessible rules that compliment deep strategy and customisation.

5 Attack Card categories make every fight unique. Use consumable UTILITY cards to surprise your opponent, or fire powerful CRITICAL cards to generate persistent effects.

Watch the battle come alive! The Combat Phase allows you to witness your choices unfold along the Battle Track. Trigger your Faction Power shield, call in a Med-Bot or boost your CRITICAL effects to turn the battle in your favour.

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