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Code angel crack

In a distant future, humanity found a new source of energy allowing them to break the limits of science. From this new discovery came challenges that changed the face of mankind. Computer viruses can now take physical form and wreak havoc in cities that use the blue EXSCELL. Eliminate them all.

Code angel
Release date:
16 Jul, 2021
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Attention: Before downloading this cracked game on internet, always check the crack status to avoid fake download risks and decrease the risk of downloading viruses.

Crack Info

  • DARKSIDERS broke the DRM protection of this game on 16 Jul, 2021.

About this game

Code angel is a indie modern retro fps , which takes place in a futuristic society.
The game itself is a love letter to the entire fps genre from the 90's, with some mechanics of the modern ones.

A solo experience, where your FPS skills will be tested through differents levels.
The difficulty increasing at each level you clear.

Come and try to survive this FPS experience when you do not have time to breath.

" To kill a virus find the core, they are the ennemies, they will be no more, erase them and erase them more ".

This game was created by one person through 3 years of development.

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