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Fairyfail crack

Fairyfail is a 4 Player multiplayer party game where you attempt to reach the Goal round after round, while each time the Level gets more complicated and chaotic. So grab some friends, build some traps and be ready to have some fun in your new favorite Build´n´Run!

Release date:
22 Jul, 2021
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Crack Info

  • DARKSIDERS broke the DRM protection of this game on 22 Jul, 2021.

About this game

Explore these lovable and silly characters in your new favorite Party Platformer Game.

Grab your engineering degree, build some fancy trap construction and watch your friends struggle as they try to reach the goal.

Show your superior Platformer racing skills by competing against your friends and getting the best lap time.

You can either grab up to 3 friends, snacks and some fairyjuice to play locally on the couch.
Or, if there is some distance between you, you can create a lobby and play against up to 3 friends online.
It is also possible to grab a random number of people locally and then go online and match friends to play together there.

Fairyfail is best played with 4 players and a controller.

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