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Fairyfail crack

Slip into the role of a failed fairytale character and have your friends & foes join you as you build traps and platforms in this fantastical plattformer setting to leave the others behind in several rounds of racing to the finish line.

Release date:
22 Jul, 2021
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  • DARKSIDERS broke the DRM protection of this game on 22 Jul, 2021.

About this game

Fairyfail, o fairyfail
thou art such a foolish tale!

a plast'r'd princess and a bacon-fed knight
who only do runneth from left to right

those four art journeying into the wood
setting all kinds of traps and meaning no good

They platform for honor, for riches and fame
If one kicketh the bucket they venture again

What waitst thou for lonely? Grab up to three of thy friends!
Stop them, betray them, letteth carnage commence!

Fairyfail, o fairyfail
thou art such a foolish tale!

Gather round and listen to this tale!

The characters doomed to be played by you and your friends have to reach the magic sword!
Race as an alcoholic princess whose dreams never came true or an obese knight who started overeating when life after slaying the dragon became lazy and dull.
Sabotage the level by placing traps und platforms and use your godly plattformer skills to make it through alive!
First player to get 100 Points will have a happy ever after. Until the next Round starts of course.

We hope you enjoy Fairyfail to the fullest!
Stay tuned for content updates in the near Future!

"Best game you will ever fail in"
- Hans Christian Grimm

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