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Green With Energy crack

A relaxing game where you become a power engineer and iteratively design, test and build power grid designs. Balance budget, efficiency, and environmental impact, across a variety of biomes and climates. Will you build resilient systems, or cobble something together with duct tape? It's your choice.

Green With Energy
Release date:
Oct 2021
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11 day's
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About this game

Take on the role of an engineer and work towards a green future. Your goal is to build self-sufficient power grids for towns and cities and cut out dependence on fossil fuels. Evaluate the unique needs of the local area and design solutions making best use of the elements around you.

  • Use a range of energy technologies like solar, wind and hydroelectric power
  • Balance budget, efficiency, and environmental impact
  • Run simulations and evaluate the results to determine your next steps
  • Compete with the community via in-game leaderboards to build the best designs
  • Build infrastructure which functions in different weather patterns and climate
  • Store energy in battery farms to avoid power cuts when the sun or wind aren't available
  • Use transformers to convert between hi and lo-voltage
The tutorial levels in Green With Energy have been designed to help teach the basic principles of energy technology. If you're a teacher or student interested in getting an educational copy, please contact us on our website.

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