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Happy Farm Simulator crack

This is a casual game that simulates planting, players can plant a variety of plants.

Happy Farm Simulator
Release date:
22 Aug, 2021
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  • No warez group has broken the DRM of this game.

About this game

This is a casual game that simulates planting. Players can plant a variety of plants, water and fertilize the planted plants themselves, while transforming their own plant farms, while harvesting crops to resist hunger, maintain and replenish their own state, so as to prevent their own hunger from slowing down their actions. , Experience the process of planting from sowing to growing to harvesting.

Moving method:
1. The WASD button controls the movement of the character, and the mouse controls the angle of view rotation
1. Tab key menu to switch menu display
Other operations:
1. Align the center of the screen with plants to view plant properties and status
2. Right-click to cancel the item selection
3. E key to harvest crops and open and close doors
4. Long press the B key to remove crops

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