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Not your average card game... Haste is NOT a Roguelite, NO Card Packs and NO... turns?! Haste is a Strategic Card Game played in Real Time. Simply choose 3 heroes and launch into battle. With an ever-changing board, you have to think quick to make meaningful decisions!

Release date:
Mar 2022
Crack Status:
156 day's
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About this game

Drag and drop cards to play in real-time! Play cards in quick succession with no waiting for turns. Cards take effect as they're played so think quick and adapt to an ever-changing board.

At the beginning of a match, each player selects their team of three heroes. Each hero contributes five unique cards/moves, so be sure to mix and match for new strategies and interactions.

  • Strategic yet action-oriented card combat played in real-time
  • Online matchmaking with ranked PvP and single player matches vs AI
  • Simple inputs paired with quick decision-making for engaging game play
  • A robust variety of character skins, player icons and card backs to collect
  • Inventive mechanics for genre-bending gameplay

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