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Heartless Dark Crack Status

Heartless Dark crack

Inch your way through oppressive darkness using only a flashlight and 6th sense in this tense top-down roguelike. Shoot, stun, electrocute, poison and blow-up monsters in abandoned corporate offices where resources are scarce and even the furniture could be trying to kill you.

Heartless Dark
Release date:
14 Oct, 2021
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DRM Protection:
$ync did a big favor by updating the status of this game on 2021-10-13T16:24:11-07:00.
Attention: This game doesn't have cracked/bypass DRM yet. If any site provides the download with the "cracked" version, it is fake!

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  • No warez group has broken the DRM of this game.

About this game

Heartless Dark is a top-down action-roguelike with survival horror elements. It plays like a familiar top-down-shooter but your flashlight is your only view into the darkness - oh and your 6th sense... Resources are scarce and even the furniture could be trying to kill you.

Note from Roarke (the developer):
Heartless Dark was designed as a 'coffee-break roguelike' - easy to pick up and put down and not hugely demanding of your time. A run could be completed in around 20 minutes if you're good enough. While it may not contain thousands of item combinations, hundreds of enemies and complex meta-progression like other games in the genre, I've still put my passion into creating a unique, atmospheric and replay-able experience.

Action-Roguelike: Shoot, dodge, stun, electrocute, throw bombs and other tools as you kill monsters in abandoned corporate offices. Expect procedural levels, stats, upgrades, synergies, multiple characters and perma-death.

Oppressive Darkness: Your flashlight is your only view into the darkness all around you. Oh and your 6th sense...

Survival Horror: Your survival relies on spatial awareness, managing your limited resources and learning to use hazards to your advantage.
  • Randomly generated corporate office levels
  • Perma-death
  • Environmental hazards
  • Stats, upgrades, items and synergies
  • Multiple playable characters (including randomized)
  • Discoverable lore
  • Possessed furniture that might try to kill you
  • Seed system
  • Controller support
  • Customizable difficulty
  • Loot boxes or micro-transactions
  • Complex meta-progression
  • Dialogue
  • Skill Trees
  • Multiplayer

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