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Indigo 7 crack

Indigo 7 is a fast-paced multiplayer puzzle game for up to 4 players, with a cool and fun single-player story mode plus more than 6 different play modes. Get the best score, conquer the territory before your opponent and don't run out of moves in this amazing adventure! Easy to learn hard to master!

Indigo 7
Release date:
26 Jul, 2021
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  • DARKSIDERS broke the DRM protection of this game on 26 Jul, 2021.

About this game

Indigo 7 is a fast-paced multiplayer puzzle game for up to 4 players, with a cool single-player story mode.
Wear your swimsuit, dust off your beach tennis rackets, and put batteries in your old radio to enjoy this cool puzzle game.
  • 11 playable characters.
  • 6 different play modes.
  • Play alone or with up to 3 friends.
  • Unlock all the levels, songs, and characters.
Journey with Nathan and his friends on a musical adventure of love and friendship in 32 episodes, told through a fantastic comic.
Fight Your Rivals to See Who Gets the Best Score.

Conquer all the territory before running out of time and moves.

Conquer More territory Than Your Opponents.

Think quick and act carefully. The fastest-paced mode to keep all your senses on full alert.

Beat all the boards, but measure your moves carefully or you’ll end up without any colours.

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