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INQUIR P.T. crack

A post-apocalyptic story-based action adventure game. Fully customizable weapons and a high mobility character. Zombie horde mode and full of action, blood, brutality.

Release date:
13 Oct, 2021
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b3cker did a big favor by updating the status of this game on 2021-10-13T08:33:59-07:00.
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  • TINYISO broke the DRM protection of this game on 13 Oct, 2021.

About this game

P.T. means (Playable Teaser). The purpose of this game is to play the intro part of INQUIR, to make the players feel the main motivation and to fund the rest of the game with the sales of this game. This game was maked by one developer with the use of some prop assets,all animations of main character animations maded in blender,and game code is purely handmade except als. Playing time of the game It's short but offers multiple replays along with the "zombie horde mode".

INQUIR is a work about the administrative problems in a community ruled by a post-apocalyptic democracy,and in this community peoples just can eat insect bars. And the journey of the main character Lydia with her friend Lenon to find the seeds that were frozen in time for the production of real food.

The game has a world with various mutants and zombies. In this world you will encounter different environments; city,medieval,sci-fi.Player can carry one pistol and one rifle.All guns have various attachments affecting the gameplay.You can perform stealth kill to human enemy types in the game.Map design is offer you a sandbox gameplay; you can try just runaway from zombies or you can kill them,or you can build you're own way to the destination.There are some opportunities on the map to kill zombies in different ways.

In the sequel to INQUIR P.T., "INQUIR" aims to conclude the story with a game with many interesting mini-stories and more gameplay variety.

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