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Inventory Manager crack

Everyone's favorite part of any video game is managing their inventory, so why aren't there tons of games available where this is the main feature? To fill the void this game focuses on the most fun aspect of any game Inventory Management!

Inventory Manager
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8 Oct, 2021
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About this game

Inventory management is by far the best part of any video game and this game focuses mainly on that, manage your items, hire adventurers, sell items and automate the process by purchasing machines and other helpful things.

Quite a simple game about a goblin running a shop trying to sell items to orcs that pass by while also keeping all the items, inventories, trash cans and machines sorted in an efficient way.

The main objective of the game is keeping the orcs that pass by your shop happy by having a large assortment of items to match each orcs preference, but beware as you gain more reputation in the orc community the orcs will start demanding rarer and more specific items.

Hire adventurers based on what types of items your shop needs, adventurers will bring back items based on the type of adventurer and it’s important to both hire and fire adventurers based on how useful they are to your shop.

Keeping your adventurers happy by ensuring that you have enough room for their items, and accepting their items when they return can be just as important as selling items to your customers.

Manage your inventories and items, keeping your inventories and items sorted can be just as important as keeping a large stock of items as more and more customers start coming to the shop and get impatient faster.

Buy, sort and sell more than 18 different items of 4 different types, with 5 different rarities and 5 different power levels.

Purchase machines to automate processes that you would otherwise have to complete manually, machines can be of great help managing items, distributing items to customers and more.

Featuring day/night cycle technology. Relax and sort your inventories and objects during the night and sell items to make money during the day.

Start events to get special bonuses To make your customers appear at the shop more often or to have the adventurers take on a night shift to work during the night.

Discover items of a legendary rarity and gain massive amounts of gold and reputation.

In short Inventory Manager is a simple management game with elements of a clicker and later on once you have everything automated a idle game.

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