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Enter the epic fantasy-themed sandbox that will change your life! Ok lol too far. But yeah so the idea is fight, explore, progress, mine, collect, build, craft ... you get it. (To do: delete this description, it's horrible).

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Hi :)
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About this game

Your mission is to explore the world from the highest mountain to the deepest dungeon. Encounter dangerous foes and meet friendly souls. Loot hidden treasure chests and items from legendary creatures. Gather resources to build a shack, a mansion or even a castle. Craft your own weapons and tools to prepare for an unforgettable and epic adventure.

Meor is a fantasy-themed sandbox game in early development. The engine of the game is developed with custom voxel GPU technology. The world is one big grid and each element in the grid is called a voxel. Voxels have many different properties like material, density and sun light.

The game runs almost exclusively on your graphics card. This allows all the voxels near you to be controlled at the same time! The physics, the AI and all other simulations run on the graphics card as well, enabling many objects to interact with you and each other. is where you can find the latest development updates!

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