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Never Going Home crack

Never Going Home is a rogue like shoot-em up action shooter!

Never Going Home
Release date:
11 Dec, 2020
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Crack Info

  • RAZOR broke the DRM protection of this game on 30 Jun, 2021.

About this game

  • Ultra fluid gameplay and movement, every slash and dash feels deadly and satisfying!
  • With a strong focus on upgrading, you will need to level yourself up during your run to stand a chance at completing it.
  • Leveling up and mastering skills is the way to victory. Want to get up close and personal? - Upgrade your sword and speed skills!
  • Don't want to get your hands dirty? - Upgrade your bullet speed and rockets! The choice is yours!
  • The game is cute! but sometimes you will find yourself in piles and piles of blood!
  • Dead? You will need to start from scratch! there are no checkpoints and no saving.
  • Even though your player rank will reset everytime you die, you wont lose your career rank which will allow you to start off with better weaponry!
  • Finish a run in the fastest time possible!, Got a fast run? POST IT for others to challenge you!
  • Try it out! - If you have what it takes!

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