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Project Ferocious is a survival shooter in which you will discover a lost prehistoric world full of deadly creatures under the control of hostile forces. Fight, Explore, Survive

Project Ferocious
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About this game

Tales from sea monsters and missing sailors surround a thick mysterious fog on the pacific ocean. The distress call from a group of missing investigative journalists leads you right in the middle of it, where you find a tropical island where no island should be. Hostile forces want to keep the island a secret at all costs and to uncover the truth and find your friends, you will not only have to survive them but also the fierce inhabitants of this lost world.


Explore, Survive, Fight - in Project Ferocious, you are all alone on a deadly island occupied by hostile forces. Equipped with a camera, you are trying to uncover the truth while using a wide arsenal of weapons and tools to survive. Explore the island by rappeling steep cliffs, discovering underwater caves, and trying to hide from the terrifying creatures inhabiting this lost world.


  • Next-gen graphics
  • Dynamic and interactive world to explore
  • Intense combat using a wide arsenal of customizable weapons
  • Find prehistoric and fantastical creatures
  • Destructible environments
  • Vehicles to discover land and sea
  • Dynamic climbing and exploration

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