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Self Made Man: Life of an Entrepreneur Crack Status

Self Made Man: Life of an Entrepreneur crack

Start from nothing, develop your business and become the richest man in the world in an immersive first-person management game. Self Made Man puts you in the shoes of a successful entrepreneur. Customize your business and make the right decisions to build your fortune.

Self Made Man: Life of an Entrepreneur
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About this game

In Self Made Man, you play as an entrepreneur who starts from nothing and wants to become the richest man in the world. Discover the land of Rocket Island and its many opportunities.

  • Explore the land of Rocket Island through its open and immersive world
  • Your activities evolve as your company evolves: Deliver orders, hire employees, buy a warehouse and many more!
  • Face unexpected and crazy events but be careful not to lose everything by making a wrong decision.
  • Make your own progression choices and discover dozens of side activities: kayak, fishing, and more!
  • Explore our vibrant open world and its secrets!

You left everything behind and just arrived on Rocket Island, you will have to do odd jobs to get your first dollars: Food delivery, garbage collection, pet sitting, help the farmers, cashier, hotel cleaner, safety officer and more!

If you’re lazy you could also find others ways to make money but be careful, police are never far away !

Now you have enough money to buy your first room, to make it profitable you will have to be resourceful: Use your metal detector, fish with magnet in the lakes and find old objects to restore that you can resell!

A location is for sale in the shopping center, it's an opportunity for you to open your own store. Repaint the walls, choose the products you want to sell, make sales with your customers and negotiate the prices. Will you be a good enough salesman to attract customers to your store?

Be careful with your supplies, logistical problems could sink your business!

Your business is now doing well, you will have to hire your first employees to help you in your daily tasks and launch new activities: new stores, real estate investment, purchase of company shares, become a business angel and much more!

You are now the head of a financial empire, every strategic decision will have a significant impact on your company. Make the right decisions, find levers to make your company grow even more: lobbying, politics, mafia, and more!


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