Shadow Wave - Revenger Crack Status

Shadow Wave - Revenger crack

Shadow Wave is a Metroidvania-style action rogue lite. Explore different biomes always with different arrangements. With the help of your faithful companion, move fast, be precise in combat and watch your powers grow stronger. Evolve in death and enjoy the path.

Shadow Wave - Revenger
Release date:
12 Oct, 2022
Crack Status:
23 day's
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  • No warez group has broken the DRM of this game.

About this game

Do you play fast rogue likes, 2D metroidvanias? Do you like to evolve both as a player and as your character? I would like to introduce this game that is the sum of it with 3D exploration and inspiration from mega drive games like Shadow Dancer and Shinobi.
  • Rogue lite, explore different cities and biomes, always in new arrangements that challenge the player's reflex. Die and go back to the beginning, with more tools and knowledge to go further next time.
  • 3D third-person action with fast-paced combat. Punish as many enemies in the shortest time as possible to increase your power.
  • Unlock 15+ skills.
  • Try out more than 40 weapons available with their different types of combat.
  • Use the help of your faithful companion, Thor, in exploration and combat.
  • Explore all levels and unlock shortcuts for your next run.
  • Find secret items
  • Save as many hostages as you can, who then will help you with rare items.

Save the city from your captors in this game with interconnected levels, evolve as a player, evolve as a character. Go further and further. Feel the thrill of having only the last life in the last boss...
... and good luck!

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