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ShootOut(SystemD) crack

ShootOut(SystemD) is a Third-Person Shooter with RogueLite elements. Shoot your way through procedurally generated environements. Choose your arsenal from a variety of weapons and tools. Save civilians and train them to be your backfire or healer. Capture Enemy bases. Defend yours.

Release date:
30 Sep, 2021
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DRM Protection:
b3cker did a big favor by updating the status of this game on 2021-10-11T08:34:29-07:00.
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Crack Info

  • DOGE broke the DRM protection of this game on 30 Sep, 2021.

About this game

22nd century, there are still remains from the 21st and even from the 20th. But the 22nd century came with its own Revolution: Interstellar travels. Humankind is now in the process of colonizing a whole new world.

You're a Space Privateer. Doing the dirty job for big corporations.
Find and rescue civilians. If they survive, they will improve and serve you as backfire or healer.
Manage your team in your Headquarter, then decide your next mission.

Choose your arsenal:
Pistols, Revolvers, Assault Rifles, ShotGuns, Sniper Rifles, Syringe Guns, Sub-Machine Guns, Plasma Rifles, Grenades, Drones... You'll find the combo fitting your style and the situation!
  • Countless procedurally generated levels
  • Squad system
  • Vicious AI
  • Cute Cel Shaded grafics

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