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Stand 'em Up crack

Punish your enemies, take their money, acquire new skills, supermoves… and eat shawarma! All this in a tornadic action “Stand 'em up” following the traditions of classic-style beat 'em ups.

Stand 'em Up
Release date:
11 Jun, 2021
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Crack Info

  • CHRONOS broke the DRM protection of this game on 19 Jun, 2021.

About this game

Stand 'em up - 2D action about a famous comedian in the genre of beat 'em up.

Yuri Khovansky led a modest and peaceful life of an ordinary videoblogger having millions of subscribers.
Suddenly, the idyll comes to an end: the amount of subscribers is falling dramatically and the whole blogging community is talking about some RealKhovansky, who has claimed his right for Yuri’s success.
At the meantime, the city is plunging into an abyss of unmotivated violence and lawlessness. A coincidence? Unlikely.
Will Yuri be able to recover his former glory and clean the city streets from crime?! It all depends on you now!


  • a radical level of animated violence (hand-painted)
  • streets of Russian cultural capital from a heartless perspective
  • harsh synth-acid sound of the late 80s
  • a pack of enemies and bosses you can't help beating up
  • shawarma, lots of shawarma!

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