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The Adventures of Dinobot and Tiara! Crack Status

The Adventures of Dinobot and Tiara! crack

Ever wanted to help a kitten and a triceratops collect a plethora of magic flying candy? If so... wow, did you luck out at finding this game! The Adventures of Dinobot and Tiara is obviously something you need in your life!

The Adventures of Dinobot and Tiara!
Release date:
5 Aug, 2021
Cracked by:
DRM Protection:
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Crack Info

  • DARKZER0 broke the DRM protection of this game on 06 Aug, 2021.

About this game

After an act of anticapitalist sabotage sends millions of pieces of magical candy flying the five regions of the magical land of Quirok, Tiara and her trusty steed Dinobot decide to go and chase down all of the sweets they can manage! They'll have to dodge dangerous creatures and avoid numerous obstacles if they're going to find enough candy for all of their friends! While the excitable Tiara can leap into the air whenever she feels like it, the careful Dinobot will only leap when Tiara is safely on her head! It's up to you to help co-ordinate their movements, set a new record, and maybe even find the mysterious secret sixth area!

The game will include:
  • - 6 different and beautiful levels to play in, Each pretty and unique!
  • - Powerups that keep things interesting, including a second-chance bonus heart, and a candy magnet when you reach maximum multiplier!
  • - Steam Achievements!
  • - Kicky soundtrack!
  • - Highscore and stat tracking!
  • - Controller Support!

    Got a sweet tooth? Then Tiara and Dinobot is the game for you!

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