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The Endless Summer - Search For Surf Crack Status

The Endless Summer - Search For Surf crack

Open World Two Player 3D Surfing Physics Game. Learn to surf, explore the islands by land or jet ski, find new surf spots, challenge your friends to a contest.

The Endless Summer - Search For Surf
Release date:
3 Sep, 2021
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DRM Protection:
Razor did a big favor by updating the status of this game on 2021-10-11T08:21:50-07:00.
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Crack Info

  • PLAZA broke the DRM protection of this game on 03 Sep, 2021.

About this game

Get ready to experience the thrill of surfing as Bruce Brown intended in his iconic movie The Endless Summer. The film took you to exotic surf locations around the world, and now you can immerse yourself in a surf adventure with The Endless Summer - Search For Surf. Explore the islands, and discover new breaks, like the Endless Summer adventurers, and now you can participate, be the surfer, and ride the waves.

Learn to surf at the forgiving beginner breaks, follow the tips and advice of friendly local surfers, take your jet ski to explore the islands, find new waves, and adventures. But there is no need to travel alone. Bring a friend and share your experience in this two player split screen experience. As your skills improve on the variety of waves and secret spots throughout the archipelago, you will find yourself mastering advanced surfing skills such as, radical tailslides, hard off the lip schwacks, styley cutbacks, insane airs, and cool tube rides. When you are confident in your surfing ability, at any time you can challenge your friend to a professional surf league style contest.

Unique Features:
1. Duck diving.
2. Wave catching.
3. Set waves.
4. Physics based surfing.
5. Open world – play on land too.
6. Jet Skis used to explore/find other spots.
7. Two Player split screen (Remote play through Steam service).
8. Surf Contest Scored and Timed with two players at the same time.
9. Game progression based on chatting with game surfers.
10. Tailslides, off the lip schwacks, cutbacks, airs, and tube rides possible with simple controls.
11. PC MAC currently available.
12. Controller support or keyboard and mouse.
13. 3 toggled camera views, including sudo-first person.
14. 18 breaks; long point breaks, barreling reef breaks, and shifty beach breaks.
15. Secret spots and big wave breaks.
16. Players ride different boards from fast fish shapes to pin tail mini guns.
17. Surfing countries represented: US, Australia, Japan, Brazil.

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