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The Repairing Mantis Crack Status

The Repairing Mantis crack

The Repairing Mantis is a narrative horror game where a praying mantis repairs a bridge, then slices up a squirrel, then…

The Repairing Mantis
Release date:
17 Sep, 2021
Cracked by:
DRM Protection:
b3cker did a big favor by updating the status of this game on 2021-10-11T08:30:09-07:00.
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Crack Info

  • DARKSIDERS broke the DRM protection of this game on 17 Sep, 2021.

About this game

The Repairing Mantis makes you experience the violent nightmare of an insect. A squirrel tries to fly. An alligator is going through an existential crisis. A bridge is broken.

As a praying mantis, you explore an eerie world, meet animals, collect dreams, and make impactful decisions.
- Play as a praying mantis

- Exploration game with casual mechanics
- Interactive story with 2 different endings
- Disturbing, violent, and poetic story
- Meet depressing squirrels
- Playtime of about 1h

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