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Until the Last Plane Crack Status

Until the Last Plane crack

Until the Last Plane is an airfield management game during WW2. Send pilots on mission. Craft spare parts. Repair your planes. Face your enemy and resist.

Until the Last Plane
Release date:
4 Mar, 2021
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Crack Info

  • CHRONOS broke the DRM protection of this game on 14 Jul, 2021.

About this game

This is the story of people who fought in the World War II: brave pilots who soared through the vast skies, and the smart engineers who helped them by managing their planes. In Until the Last Plane, you've been assigned to the management of a WWII airfield. Spend your military goods wisely, recruit pilots, and create the right parts for your planes. When you're ready, send a squadron out to accomplish your next mission!
Repair the planes as quickly as possible so they can get back into action!
Not only dogfight! You'll also have to bomb various targets: bases or vehicles
Craft components for airplanes. Choose the component and assign more mechanics to reduce construction time. Never leave the warehouse without spare parts.
  • 3 playable nations: USA, USSR and Germany
  • 3 different campaigns for each nation
  • 6 planes for each nation
  • fuel and ammunition management
  • spare parts crafting system
  • decision-making events

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