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Steam Cracked Games is an informational website where you can find information about video game crack release. Track crack status of all games!

Where to find the download links?

This is an information-only website. Download links are to other websites.


The CrackWatch website has closed down. Now has taken over the role of keeping you informed about game crack releases!


What is the function of this website?

This website will show you information about crack release for internet games (Legal information only).

What is a cracked game?

When the game has a "cracked" status, it means that the game is free to download on the internet, just look for it.

Can I find game crack download on this website?

No. This is just an informational site.








19483 New Game: Massira (by ob3cker#9778) one minute ago
19482 New Game: Black Blade (by ob3cker#9778) 2 minutes ago
19481 New Game: Angel (by ob3cker#9778) 3 minutes ago
19480 New Game: Beyond Terra (by ob3cker#9778) 6 minutes ago
19479 New Game: Lil Doll House (by ob3cker#9778) 6 minutes ago
19478 New Game: Purpose 1951 (by ob3cker#9778) 8 minutes ago
19477 New Game: Carnival (by ob3cker#9778) 8 minutes ago
19476 New Game: escape (by ob3cker#9778) 9 minutes ago
19475 New Game: GZLNA (by ob3cker#9778) 10 minutes ago
19474 New Game: Owner (by ob3cker#9778) 12 minutes ago
19473 New Game: Xeno (by ob3cker#9778) 17 minutes ago
19472 New Game: Echoes (by ob3cker#9778) 19 minutes ago
19471 New Game: Keep Up (by ob3cker#9778) 22 minutes ago
19470 New Game: Hide And Seek (by ob3cker#9778) 24 minutes ago
19469 New Game: Insider Threat (by ob3cker#9778) 27 minutes ago
19468 New Game: One Last Dinner (by ob3cker#9778) 29 minutes ago
19467 New Game: Prime (by ob3cker#9778) 32 minutes ago
19466 New Game: Gravity (by ob3cker#9778) 37 minutes ago
19465 New Game: Doppelganger (by ob3cker#9778) 38 minutes ago
19464 New Game: Serbian Dancing Lady (by ob3cker#9778) 39 minutes ago
19463 New Game: Anomaly Loop (by ob3cker#9778) 43 minutes ago
19462 New Game: Focus Tower (by ob3cker#9778) 46 minutes ago
19461 New Game: Black Sails (by ob3cker#9778) 47 minutes ago
19460 New Game: The Game Awards (by ob3cker#9778) 47 minutes ago
19459 New Game: IRREVERSIBLE (by ob3cker#9778) 48 minutes ago
19458 New Game: The Warehouse (by ob3cker#9778) 49 minutes ago
19457 New Game: INKIDOKI AND PHOENIX (by ob3cker#9778) 55 minutes ago
19456 New Game: The Dawn Of A Flower (by ob3cker#9778) 55 minutes ago
19455 New Game: Toward the Moon (by ob3cker#9778) 56 minutes ago
19454 New Game: SoulTail (by ob3cker#9778) 57 minutes ago
19453 New Game: Deber (by ob3cker#9778) 57 minutes ago
19452 New Game: The Bunker (by ob3cker#9778) 57 minutes ago
19451 New Game: SAMARA (by ob3cker#9778) 57 minutes ago
19450 New Game: NO TOMORROW (by ob3cker#9778) an hour ago
19449 New Game: Starfall Odyssey (by ob3cker#9778) an hour ago
19448 New Game: Venice Bridges (by ob3cker#9778) an hour ago
19447 New Game: Room (by ob3cker#9778) an hour ago
19446 New Game: Galactic Ascendancy (by ob3cker#9778) an hour ago
19445 New Game: Everloop (by ob3cker#9778) an hour ago
19444 New Game: CARS (by ob3cker#9778) an hour ago
19443 New Game: Spellarium 6 (by ob3cker#9778) an hour ago
19442 New Game: Codename Attila (by ob3cker#9778) an hour ago
19441 New Game: Village Dealer Simulator (by ob3cker#9778) an hour ago
19440 New Game: Tokyo School Girl (by ob3cker#9778) an hour ago
19439 New Game: Home Safety Hotline (by ob3cker#9778) an hour ago
19438 New Game: Survival for Treasure (by ob3cker#9778) an hour ago
19437 New Game: The Pair Annihilation (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19436 New Game: Deadly Delivery (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19435 New Game: Haunted House (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19434 New Game: Fortress of the Undead (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19433 New Game: Hazy Mind (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19432 New Game: Market Warfare (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19431 New Game: WRECK (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19430 New Game: Kidnapped (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19429 New Game: EcoMahjong (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19428 New Game: Shooter (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19427 New Game: Labyrinth (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19426 New Game: WWE 2K23 Bad News U Pack (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19425 New Game: Pempe (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19424 New Game: Crystal of Atlantis (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19423 New Game: BORE BLASTERS (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19422 New Game: Holidays in Khrushchevsk (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19421 New Game: Unswappers (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19420 New Game: Giant Defense (by ob3cker#9778) 2 hrs ago
19419 New Game: The Source (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19418 New Game: Timeshift (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19417 New Game: Safe House (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19416 New Game: Grudge (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19415 New Game: Steel Soul (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19414 New Game: Foreign Fortress (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19413 New Game: Pro Show Jumping (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19412 New Game: Yokai City (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19411 New Game: Straight Up (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19410 New Game: Witches Wishes and Whispers (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19409 New Game: NightClub Simulator (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19408 New Game: Liminal Border Part II (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19407 New Game: THERE IS NO SLEEP (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19406 New Game: The Great Rebellion (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19405 New Game: Seduction of Beauty (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19404 New Game: Russian Soul Simulator (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19403 New Game: Chambers (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19402 New Game: Station 5 (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19401 New Game: Fuck You Witch (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19400 New Game: Oneiric (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19399 New Game: TOON (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19398 New Game: Heart (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19397 New Game: Syllogism (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19396 New Game: Tactic Boxing (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19395 New Game: Exiled (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19394 New Game: Chronicle Survivors (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19393 New Game: Dishwashing Simulator (by ob3cker#9778) 3 hrs ago
19392 New Game: Moon Wars (by ob3cker#9778) 4 hrs ago
19391 New Game: World Tour (by ob3cker#9778) 4 hrs ago
19390 New Game: Firefrost (by ob3cker#9778) 4 hrs ago
19389 New Game: MY DESTINY GIRLS (by ob3cker#9778) 4 hrs ago
19388 New Game: Dizzy Fight (by ob3cker#9778) 4 hrs ago
19387 New Game: NEVERMIND (by ob3cker#9778) 4 hrs ago
19386 New Game: Grand Canyon (by ob3cker#9778) 4 hrs ago
19385 New Game: Breath (by ob3cker#9778) 4 hrs ago
19384 New Game: Silent Cause (by ob3cker#9778) 4 hrs ago
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