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Steam Cracked Games is an informational website where you can find information about video game crack release. Track crack status of all games!

Where to find the download links?

This is an information-only website. Download links are to other websites.


The CrackWatch website has closed down. Now has taken over the role of keeping you informed about game crack releases!


What is the function of this website?

This website will show you information about crack release for internet games (Legal information only).

What is a cracked game?

When the game has a "cracked" status, it means that the game is free to download on the internet, just look for it.

Can I find game crack download on this website?

No. This is just an informational site.



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40463 New Game: Pyradice (by one minute ago
40462 New Game: Battle Echoes (by one minute ago
40461 New Game: Forgotten Mines (by 2 minutes ago
40460 New Game: Anchored Hearts: A Tale of Destiny (by 2 minutes ago
40459 New Game: Sue Shi Survival (by 2 minutes ago
40448 Updated Game Status: SNAKE FARM (by 3 minutes ago
40450 Updated Game Status: High On Life: High On Knife (by 3 minutes ago
40451 Updated Game Status: Doug's Nightmare (by 3 minutes ago
40456 Updated Game Status: Anno 1800 - Cosmetic Bundle #2 (by 3 minutes ago
40457 Updated Game Status: かぞえ飯 (by 3 minutes ago
40458 New Game: Little Eden (by 5 minutes ago
40457 New Game: かぞえ飯 (by 6 minutes ago
40456 New Game: Anno 1800 - Cosmetic Bundle #2 (by 7 minutes ago
40455 New Game: 挂姬恶魔 - 色欲之主:阿斯莫德 (by 8 minutes ago
40454 New Game: Archipelago: Island Survival (by 8 minutes ago
40453 New Game: SwapPics: Knights vs Demons (by 9 minutes ago
40452 New Game: Race in Desert (by 9 minutes ago
40451 New Game: Doug's Nightmare (by 13 minutes ago
40450 New Game: High On Life: High On Knife (by 13 minutes ago
40449 New Game: Goblin Dash (by 14 minutes ago
40448 New Game: SNAKE FARM (by 16 minutes ago
40447 New Game: Warja (by 16 minutes ago
40433 Updated Game Status: 武林立志傳-龍吟劍 (by 18 minutes ago
40434 Updated Game Status: eSheep (by 18 minutes ago
40437 Updated Game Status: RPGScenery - Ancient Caves (by 18 minutes ago
40442 Updated Game Status: Thinking Storm Challenge (by 18 minutes ago
40445 Updated Game Status: METAL BREAKER (by 18 minutes ago
40446 New Game: Burg Wimmel (by 19 minutes ago
40445 New Game: METAL BREAKER (by 19 minutes ago
40444 New Game: Little Locked Rooms (by 20 minutes ago
40443 New Game: Permanent: Hope & Vacuum (by 20 minutes ago
40442 New Game: Thinking Storm Challenge (by 21 minutes ago
40441 New Game: 勇者之路 (by 21 minutes ago
40440 New Game: Twinkle☆Guardians (by 21 minutes ago
40439 New Game: A Winter Haunting (by 22 minutes ago
40438 New Game: Hentai Dream (by 22 minutes ago
40437 New Game: RPGScenery - Ancient Caves (by 27 minutes ago
40436 New Game: The World of The Candy Girl (by 27 minutes ago
40435 New Game: There Can Only be Two (by 27 minutes ago
40434 New Game: eSheep (by 28 minutes ago
40433 New Game: 武林立志傳-龍吟劍 (by 28 minutes ago
40432 New Game: HOP TOP (by 28 minutes ago
40431 New Game: Kinny and the Lost Starlight (by 28 minutes ago
40430 New Game: City Defence Artillery (by 30 minutes ago
40429 New Game: Fight With Keys (by 30 minutes ago
40428 New Game: In Freedom Rest Ideal Tomorrows (by 33 minutes ago
40427 New Game: Brutal Bible Bloodbaths (by 33 minutes ago
40417 Updated Game Status: Crystania Wars 2 (by 33 minutes ago
40418 Updated Game Status: 沉默的蟋蟀 (by 33 minutes ago
40426 New Game: Rev Up! RC Grand Prix (by 34 minutes ago
40425 New Game: SUBNET - Escape Room Adventure (by 34 minutes ago
40424 New Game: 轩辕剑伍 原声音乐精选集 (by 35 minutes ago
40423 New Game: Floating Islands of Nucifera (by 35 minutes ago
40422 New Game: Alps Friends (by 35 minutes ago
40421 New Game: Just Drive (by 36 minutes ago
40420 New Game: Night of Wolves (by 39 minutes ago
40419 New Game: Voxabular P.I: Penny's First Case (by 39 minutes ago
40418 New Game: 沉默的蟋蟀 (by 39 minutes ago
40417 New Game: Crystania Wars 2 (by 42 minutes ago
40416 New Game: Female Anchor Next Door (by 42 minutes ago
40415 New Game: Bite Size Terrors: Speechless (by 43 minutes ago
40414 New Game: Knights of the Road (by 45 minutes ago
40413 New Game: Space Chef (by 46 minutes ago
40412 Updated Game Status: Park Studio (by 47 minutes ago
40412 New Game: Park Studio (by 47 minutes ago
40411 New Game: Cosmic: A Journey Among Shadows (by 48 minutes ago
40410 New Game: Train Capacity 300% (by 48 minutes ago
40409 Updated Game Status: Sorrow Asylum (by 48 minutes ago
40409 Updated Game Status: Sorrow Asylum (by 48 minutes ago
40409 New Game: Sorrow Asylum (by 49 minutes ago
40408 New Game: World Without Reason (by 50 minutes ago
40407 New Game: Circus Frodo (by 53 minutes ago
40406 New Game: Byte Breach (by 53 minutes ago
40405 New Game: Jigsaw Puzzle World - Reptiles (by 54 minutes ago
40404 New Game: Build For Sale Simulator (by 54 minutes ago
40403 New Game: Rimland (by 55 minutes ago
40402 New Game: Magic Monster Slasher (by 55 minutes ago
40401 New Game: HyperCore : Rhythm Bullet Hell (by 59 minutes ago
40400 New Game: PRIMITIVE HEARTS (by 59 minutes ago
40399 New Game: Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age (by 60 minutes ago
40398 New Game: United Assault - World War 2 (by 60 minutes ago
40397 New Game: Infestation: Origins (by an hour ago
40396 New Game: A Short Tale of Solitude (by an hour ago
40395 New Game: TP Bullet (by an hour ago
40380 Updated Game Status: Local News with Cliff Rockslide (by an hour ago
40392 Updated Game Status: Nightzoid (by an hour ago
40394 New Game: Asteroids: Multiplayer (by an hour ago
40393 New Game: Pure Logic (by an hour ago
40392 New Game: Nightzoid (by an hour ago
40391 New Game: Midnight Scenes: From the Woods (by an hour ago
40390 New Game: ChipWits (by an hour ago
40389 New Game: Hypnotic Idol (by an hour ago
40388 New Game: Breach the Abyss (by an hour ago
40387 New Game: MILF's Plaza - Bonus Content (by an hour ago
40386 New Game: Gravewatch (by an hour ago
40385 New Game: みんなでクイズ ラビィとふしぎな惑星 (by an hour ago
40384 New Game: Chosun Zombie Defense (by an hour ago
40383 New Game: Full Court Heroes (by an hour ago
40382 New Game: Winds Up Kitesurfing (by an hour ago
40381 New Game: The Cabbage Effect (by an hour ago