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Quantum Runners crack

Quantum Runners - a futuristic, fast paced, interplanetary themed mixed genre 3D Space Racer and Shooter.

Quantum Runners
Release date:
10 Aug, 2021
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  • DARKSIDERS broke the DRM protection of this game on 10 Aug, 2021.

About this game

Quantum Runners is a futuristic, fast paced, interplanetary themed, Mixed Genre 3D Space Racer and Shooter.
  • Full on 3D racing! Not 2D, not 2.5D, but Full on 3D.
  • 12 different Racing Ships, separately customizable, in 3D, for both Player and AI Ships.
  • Custom AI module for the 11 ships you race against. AI Ships can and will shoot at you, run into you, and otherwise cause havoc!
  • Each Ship equipped with 1, 2, or 4 plasma cannons. You'll be needing them...
  • Heads Up Display (HUD) that can be toggled on/off completely or separately In Race.
  • HUD includes radar, attitude indicator, velocity, fuel, ammo, shield status, and more!
  • Lap Split Times sorted by position update on the quarter lap, displayable continuously in race, if desired, as part of the HUD.
  • Custom Game and Menu track music compositions. Quantum Runners Soundtrack available separately.
  • Player's can leave the track, fly around, explore... It's perfectly safe...
  • Five difficulty levels controlling everything from Asteroid Impact Damage incurred, Max Velocity, fuel, shields, munitions, and more!
  • Extensive UI system with 3D ship selection preview capability.
  • Full Audio control menu with 8 different mixers - everything is adjustable.
  • 8 different Engine audio loops with variable pitch coupled to velocity that can be previewed in the Audio Menu.
  • Racing Environment Customization menu.
  • Extensive Flight Characteristics Settings menu. Set up and fly the ship the way you want to!
  • Quantum Runners will remember your setting changes in-game and on new sessions, all resettable to default factory settings.
  • Extensive in-game and online Help menu.
  • Full Controller Support and/or Mouse/Keyboard Support, play either or both!
  • All major controller brands supported! Quantum Runners is out of the box pre-programmed with recommended settings, ALL FULLY REMAPPABLE.
  • Unknown controllers will be recognized and are also remappable.
  • Player provided with full control for changing windowing, graphics quality resolutions, and screen aspect ratios.
  • Game is in active development. First level (included) has 5 rings raceable in numerous configurations.
  • Game is unrated, but brief blood and gore imagery on Pilot Ejection sequences would rate it T (13+).

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