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Welcome to the Polyverse Crack Status

Welcome to the Polyverse crack

Robert Kane, convinced he is living in a simulation, will do anything he has to in order to get out. He must stop at nothing to unlock the secrets of this world and accomplish his goal.

Welcome to the Polyverse
Release date:
31 Jul, 2021
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  • DARKSIDERS broke the DRM protection of this game on 01 Aug, 2021.

About this game

Development on this game has ended and the story is unfinished.
You play as Robert Kane, a wanted man for his beliefs. Seek out the science needed to escape this simulated world. Hard science cost hard money. You need more, a lot more. You must cause chaos, steal, rob, and destroy anything in your way. Opening the doors to unlock your reality will be a long and hard journey. Seek out science facilities and pursue the unknown puppet masters of this world. Will you be able to escape?
  • Explore and interact with an infinite procedural world

  • Buildings have interiors with different layouts

  • Rob banks, stores and people

  • Loot can be stored at your hideout to keep it from the law

  • Find and use weapons, some may be harder to find than others

  • Steal and drive vehicles

The law will try to prevent you from escaping the simulation and causing trouble. The more chaos you cause the more dangerous law enforcement entities will come after you.

Your HUD will indicate your current wanted level and whether or not the law is actively seeking you.

It's your money and you need it! Loot is scattered throughout the world with different levels of rarity. Gather all you can get to help you escape.

Your hideout is an important part of your plan to escape. You can stash weapons and cash here to keep it from the law. Save up for your next goal or plan your next heist!

When caught or killed, the law will take your stuff. You can get it back by breaking into the local evidence room.

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